Stress-Relieving Couch Is Also A Punching Bag [Pics]

Stress-Relieving Couch Is Also A Punching Bag [Pics]
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Designer Tobias Franzel’s 'Champ' sofa is equipped with a backrest that turns into a punching bag when turned upright.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 august 2013

German designer Tobias Fränzel designed a sofa with active functionality. ‘Champ’ is equipped with a brightly colored backrest that folds up to become a punching bag.

Stress-Relieving Couch Doubles As A Punching Bag [Pics]

When turned upright, the bag is ready to take your punches. The curvaceous couch is designed for people who need to take out their and release tension. It could be helpful for those who want to get a workout in while lounging.

Fränzel notes that the risk of injury is so low that even children can play with it without any danger. ‘Champ’ is made exclusively in single piece production, with the frame assembled by hand. Click through to check out pictures of the boxing couch:

Tobias Fränzel

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