City Billboards Transformed Into A Large-Scale Arcade Games [Video]

City Billboards Transformed Into A Large-Scale Arcade Games [Video]

Balle de Match is a giant pong duel projected in Nantes, France.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 august 2013

A project by collaborative space Company Campus, the Balle de Match is a pong-inspired game projected on a clear billboard in Nantes, France.

Passersby can connect to the game using their smartphones and play by using their devices as controllers. Players can play against a computer or another player on the street.



Aside from paying homage to the classic game by bringing it back to life in a new way, the installation also turns ordinary street objects into something that people can interact with.

The larger-than-life version of the arcade game was installed as part of A Journey to Nantes, an event celebrating the appointment of Nantes as Green Capital of Europe.



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