Waste Sculptures Wrapped In Cling Film Pop Up On City Streets

Waste Sculptures Wrapped In Cling Film Pop Up On City Streets
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Street art crew transforms trash and gives it a new purpose and life.

Laura Chase
  • 23 august 2013

Mattresses, shopping carts, cardboard boxes or discarded furniture, Bosso Fakata, a Berlin-based crew of guerrilla street artists, morphs this garbage from the street into giant creatures. Their technique involves wrapping the garbage up tight, with several layers of plastic cling film, and incorporating street lamps or other public facilities. The giant creatures they create are meant to make a statement about the waste our society creates.

“We’re walking through the streets with plastic wrap, spray cans and ladder and try to restage trash into a new light and a new context of meaning. This gives the actual waste, over which one looks away, new attention and should provoke someone’s meditation, but should also entertain.” explains Bosso Fakata, in their facebook page. These days they have taken over the streets of Berlin and are in the process of rebranding that city’s garbage.

Their ephemeral artwork lasts a couple weeks until the municipal workers remove them. They will display an installation in the Art Village of Berlin Festival in  September.

guerrilla 4

“Shopping Oueen” feat. Blertë Schönhauser Allee. Berlin

guerrilla mermaid

“Mermaid” Binz/Rügen

guerrilla 3

“hydrophobia” Rosenthaler Platz. Berlin

guerrilla ulls

“Free Hugs” Oranienplatz. Berlin

Bosso Fakata

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