High Heels Made Of Natural Fibers Create Sustainable Fast Fashion [Pics]

High Heels Made Of Natural Fibers Create Sustainable Fast Fashion [Pics]
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Designer Liz Ciokajlo's Natural Selection collection are made of materials such as flax and hemp and create sustainable fast fashion.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 august 2013

London-based footwear designer Liz Ciokajlo created a collection of shoes made from natural fibers such as flax, hemp and coconut husks.

The collection, aptly called Natural Selection, was focused on the objectification of the shoe. The project started with a study of how 3D printing can change the architecture and design construction of footwear, but then it became apparent that there was a lack of natural materials involved with this kind of technology.


Ciokajlo experimented with different types of natural non-woven materials in different densities and mixed those with a binder such as bio-resin to create soft and hard materials that could be molded into shoes. The shoes in the collection have hollow heels designed to reduce weight and allow airflow through the soles.

Ciokajlo completed her MA in Fashion Footwear at the London College of Fashion. She is a Jimmy Choo Dato Cordwainers Awardee and was one of ten accessory designers chosen as finalist in the 2013 International Talent Support Competition.

View more images of the collection below.

Liz Ciokajlo

Images by Stephanie Potter Corwin via Liz Ciokajlo’s Website

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