Speaker Wirelessly Syncs Smartphone Content [Future Of Home Living]

Speaker Wirelessly Syncs Smartphone Content [Future Of Home Living]

The Collapse Mini speaker syncs with a person’s smartphone to stream music simply by placing phone on top of it.

  • 4 august 2013

As part of the Entertainment Cloud trend from our Future of Home Living report, which looks at how a new range of DIY kits and technologies are making the process of envisioning and producing custom products and designs accessible to anyone, regardless of space or skills, PSFK Labs has identified the following example.

collapse mini2

The Collapse Mini is a household speaker that can sync with a person’s smartphone and stream music simply by placing the phone on top of the speaker. Designed by Matteo Massimi, the concept allows people to place their phone on top of its glass surface and it will start syncing and playing music from your phone. Users may additionally control the music on their phone by rotating the phone to adjust the volume. In addition to creating an intuitive link between the phone and speaker, the device is able to charge a phone as it streams music.

For a time, people were not able to go beyond the confines of their ecosystems. I don’t think customers will tolerate that in the future.

Niek Jan van Damme. Managing Director Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Deutsche Telekom

Wireless streaming technologies such as the Collapse Mini fall under a larger theme we’re calling On Demand, which points to networks and systems are growing to help city residents enjoy their lives on their terms and at the speed they want.

Collapse Mini

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