Colorful Furniture Joints Bind Furniture Together [Pics]

Colorful Furniture Joints Bind Furniture Together [Pics]
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Beza Projekt's Patch are bright colored connectors that are meant to be decorative and functional.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 august 2013

Furniture joints, much like nuts and bolts, are often created to be almost invisible in order to give furniture pieces a seamless look. They are often regarded as merely technical aspects that support the overall function of a piece.

Polish multi-disciplinary design studio Beza Projekt brings joints out into the spotlight with Patch, bright red joints that are meant not only to provide the technical support but to also add to the visible aesthetic of the furniture piece.


The Patch joints come in seven different types that apply to different angles of a structure. The tips have five holes each so builders can nail or screw them easily on different materials. The joints look like red band-aids meant to connect or ‘patch’ up pieces like tables, chairs and shelves.

According to the description on the studio’s website, Patch joints allow people to be creative and more spontaneous in building.

There is no need to install them evenly, chaos is incorporated into their design, so you can spontaneously form constructions where technical component is also decorative one.

View more images of Patch below.


Beza Projekt

Images by Jacek Kołodziejski via Beza Projekt

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