Rock Band’s Album Cover Double As A Wooden Chopping Board

Rock Band’s Album Cover Double As A Wooden Chopping Board

Album case that can be used as a chopping board reinvents album art and breathes new life into product design.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 15 august 2013

Ireland’s second biggest rock band, Bell X1 has released their newest album, entitled Chop Chop, incased in a wooden chopping board. In today’s age of music downloads and digital radio stations, Bell X1 has gone against traditional album release marketing and merchandising. The innovative product design was brought to life by designer Alexis Deacon.


The design is simple, compact and, in reality, quiet useful in the kitchen if one ever needed a chopping board. Drawing on the current trend of handmade, whimsically crafted goods, this wooden album case is more than just a CD case. It’s a super-limited collectible that die-hard Bell X1 fans would pay serious money to get their hands on.


Only 300 oak album cases were produced and they were almost instantly sold out. The good humor and musical sentimentality of the oak album case design should definitely inspire other musicians and brands to look for different ways of packaging their own products.

Chop Chop

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