3D Tech Tells The Stories Behind Zombie Boy’s Full Body Tattoos

3D Tech Tells The Stories Behind Zombie Boy’s Full Body Tattoos

The Zombie Boy App by Dermablend lets users discover the artist's tattoos, whilst guessing which products were used to cover him up.

Daniela Walker
  • 26 august 2013

Two years ago, Dermablend and Zombieboy were the hit kids of the internet, with a video that garnered 13 million views, showing the tattooed artist being completely covered up by Dermablend’s foundation range. Now the two are back in a new collaboration, the Dermabland ‘Uncover Zombie Boy’ app which gives a 3D tour of Rick Genest’s ink whilst also promoting Dermablend.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.12.04 AM

With the app you can turn and zoom and examine every corner of the Canadian artist’s skin, and hear the story of his tattoos. Alongside is a list of products Dermablend used to cover them up. The app also gives users the opportunity to ‘zombify’ themselves and can submit their photo to win a trip to New York Fashion week to meet Genest. Soniya Sheth, Vice President of Dermablend Professional said in a statement:

With the ‘Go Beyond the Cover’ video, we had a real chance to show the power of individuality as well as the Dermablend products. Now we’d like to go a step further and introduce the world to the real Rick Genest – his stories as mapped out on his skin, while showcasing the efficacy of Dermablend Professional; if they can cover his tattoos, they can cover anything.

The Dermablend app is available in the iTunes store.

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