Emojis Recap Breaking Bad Season Premiere [Pics]

Emojis Recap Breaking Bad Season Premiere [Pics]
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NY-based Zoe Mendelson presented the Breaking Bad episode 'Blood Money' through Emojis.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 august 2013

New York-based artist Zoe Mendelson has transformed the season 5.5 premiere of Breaking Bad into Emoji icons, using the expressive, tiny images for storytelling.

Having previously converted a number of different things into Emojis, including Lolita and Frank Ocean’s song ‘Thinkin Bout You’, Mendelson was enlisted by Co.Design to recap the Breaking Bad episode ‘Blood Money.’

Emoji Icons Recap Popular TV Show’s Season Premiere [Pics]

Walter White and the other characters and plot points become cute and simplistic icons as we are taken through the whole episode. Click through to see some parts of the project and check out Co.Design for more:


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