Fantasy Football Tool Lets Players Crowdsource Potential Picks [Video]

Fantasy Football Tool Lets Players Crowdsource Potential Picks [Video]

Hitpost's new app lets you draft a better team by reaching out to your network for suggestions.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 19 august 2013

Fantasy Football Polls, a smartphone app who’s name certainly doesn’t bury the lede, does just what it says; it allows you to create and share polls about fantasy football. Hitpost, an application development company catering to sports fans, released the app as a way for fantasy football fans to crowdsource their draft and improve their picks.


Users who are uncertain of their picks, or are just looking to start a conversation, set up polls between players and defer to the wisdom of the crowd on matters of trades, pickups, and starters. They reach out to their friends and followers who vote on who they feel is the better pick, or conversely, if you prefer to revel in the gratifying schadenfreude of the Bad Quarterback League, the most likely athletic disappointments.

Founded in 2009, Hitpost has developed a whole suite of apps aimed at at the diligent sports fan, including Sports Bet, an app that lets you bet on with your friends using virtual currency, and, a fantasy sports news site.

While this easy to use and cleanly designed app is likely a welcome aide for seasoned pros, it’s perhaps even more useful for novice participants who might not understand the complexities of draft picks but long to partake in the trash-talking and belittling of their friends and co-workers.

Watch below to see a demo of the app:

Fantasy Football Polls

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