Hi-Res Photos Capture What Fast Food Really Looks Like

Hi-Res Photos Capture What Fast Food Really Looks Like
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This photography series is intended to repulse viewers by the reality of processed fast food.

Kyana Gordon
  • 20 august 2013

There’s definitely a prevalence of fast food in the American diet – with many people guilty of making a pitstop at McDonald’s during a family road trip. But, if we believe the scrumptious television ads from every major chain, the food you can order at these establishments doesn’t look half bad. However, the truth of the matter is that chicken nuggets are downright terrible for your body, and people should know why. In his series, ‘Fast Food’, photographer, Jon Feinstein confirms deep down what we already knew.

26 Grams, 2010

Unlike the food porn that overwhelms Instagram, Feinstein’s photographs expose the viewer to the repulsive aspects of the processed and chemically-treated food. Feinstein’s images are created by placing warm fast food on a scanner (think of this as the unsavory version of Scanwiches). Also, the total grams of fat in each item aptly becomes the title of the photo. Even though the images are truly gag-worthy, Feinstein admits that he still craves fast food every now and again, as he tells Slate over email,

I remember at the opening many gallery-goers responding that while their initial reaction was to be repulsed, something about the images also made them hungry.

Browse the gallery below for an up close and personal look at some fast food’s most recognizable items.

Jon Feinstein


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