Floatastic is an inflatable canopy with a floating roof and fabric veils that doesn’t make any marks or impose on the site’s ground.

Designed for an outdoor wedding, ‘Balance Through Buoyancy' is a research base called ‘Floatastic'. This inflatable pavilion has a floating roof and fabric veils to hold it down.

The temporary shelter is filled with helium, and doesn't make any marks or impose on the site's ground. Created by Connecticut-based design studio Qastic Lab, it was built for a private client as a shaded space for a wedding ceremony.

Dezeen reports that the floating pavillion is the result of research into buoyancy and structures made by reversing the position of the load. The large white balloon is filled with helium and as it rises skywards, a number of fabric veils attached to the ground keep it in place. Click through to see images of Qastic Lab's Floatastic pavilion:

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