Base Free Lamp Seemingly Floats In Mid-Air [Pics]

Base Free Lamp Seemingly Floats In Mid-Air [Pics]
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The Shade lamp by Paul Cocksedge Studio for FLOS doesn’t contain an attached light source, instead receiving its glow from an LED floor fitting.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 august 2013

Paul Cocksedge Studio has designed a lamp for FLOS, launched during the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. ‘Shade’ doesn’t contain an attached light source and is suspended from the ceiling by almost invisible wires, which makes it appear to be floating.

Base-Less Lamp Seemingly Floats In Mid-Air [Pics]

The lamp, which can be installed in just a few minutes, receives its light from an LED floor fitting, which is shone up inside the paper shade to produce a magical effect. Paul Cocksedge said:

Shade started as a purely practical problem, how to rid ourselves the clutter usually connected to light fittings. The solution actually turned out quite mysterious, almost dream-like. It utilises both floor and ceiling, but appears unconnected to either…!

Click through to see images of the Shade lamp:

Paul Cocksedge Studio


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