Kaleidoscope Glasses Turns The World Into A Wonderland [Pics]

Kaleidoscope Glasses Turns The World Into A Wonderland [Pics]
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'Future Eyes' is a line of eyewear with multi-faceted lenses designed by LA artist Brent Paul Pearson.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 august 2013

Los Angeles artist Brent Paul Pearson invented a line of eyewear with laser-cut kaleidoscopic lenses called ‘Future Eyes‘. They are designed to increase the wearer’s optical abilities and enhance their mental capacity.

Kaleidoscope Glasses Turn Everyday Sights Into Wonderlands [Pics]

This art project aims to show how seeing in multiple dimensions can open the wearer up to new sensory experiences. Pearson says:

When you explore a sense you can go beyond what is considered normal to your mind. Future Eyes asks you to increase your optical abilities, enhancing focus power and awareness. It also reminds you that the world responds to your imagination, which is the essence of change.

The glasses with multi-faceted lenses are available to buy for $40, with a rainbow version for $60. Pearson is currently working on a photography book that will feature images taken through crystals, which he hopes to finish by September. Click through to see images of ‘Future Eyes’:

Future Eyes


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