Why Content Creation Is The New Consumption [Future of Entertainment]

Why Content Creation Is The New Consumption [Future of Entertainment]

In the seventh week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we explore tools that bring media production to the masses.

  • 25 august 2013

The Future of Entertainment series by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs is highlighting the latest in entertainment innovation. Over the course of 10 weeks at, we are showcasing new products, services and technologies, exploring the changing face of how we consume, share and create content and getting reactions from Intel experts.


Introduction To Intuitive Content Creation


New consumer tools are helping make the creation process easier for people regardless of their skill levels, which point to a trend we are calling Intuitive Content Creation. We highlight the latest platforms and technologies behind this boom to see how the act of amateur creation is becoming almost as simple as the act of consumption.

Build Dynamic 3D Models With The Wave Of Your Hand


Game design company, Media Molecule, created a proof of concept technology that harnesses the power of the PlayStation Move, the game console’s motion-sensing game controller, to let people sketch in 3D. Without any complicated user interface or camera, the Move controller becomes an extension of the player’s hand.

Turn Your Sketches Into Instantly Playable Video Games


Pixel Press is a tool that allows anyone to experiment with digital design from the ground up, without the need for complex coding or expensive programs. Instead, all one needs is an idea, a pencil and an iPad to create a video game from scratch.

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