A Virtual Walk-Through Of PSFK’s Future Of Home Living Exhibition

A Virtual Walk-Through Of PSFK’s Future Of Home Living Exhibition
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Take a peek into PSFK's exhibit on the home of the future, and come visit for yourself if you are in NYC!

  • 1 august 2013

PSFK’s Future of Home Living experience is a comprehensive look into the technologies and services that make up the home of tomorrow. Informed by an in-depth report detailing the major themes and trends of modern urban living and coming developments, the free public exhibit in NYC is PSFK’s first such event and has been a great success. Located at 101w15, the exhibit is open now from Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 7pm until August 16th with a free RSVP.

Below is an inside look at the exhibit space in case you can’t make it, or to whet your appetite before stopping by!


The exhibit is organized by “rooms” that highlight particular products and services that would fit there. Above you can see the entrance or foyer, where one might store the Thin Bike or the Oru foldable kayak after use. Below, the kitchen and dining area showcases the Peg furniture system, a sound absorbing lamp and the HelloFresh on-demand gourmet ingredients service, among other things.

future of home living forward


Artist Aaron Meshon painted many of the surfaces to bring the exhibit to life. Above you can see him working during construction a few weeks ago. You can meet him today August 1st for a special tour of the space, just RSVP here.

E16 Aquafarm with D15 Little Printerjpg

Over in the breakfast nook section, the Little Printer creates customized newspapers of social content, news and trivia while you gather fresh herbs from the Aquafarm herb garden and fish tank. The Soma water filter and Craft Coffee service, below, are both subscription services that send high-quality goods to your door every month.



We also are featuring several wearable technologies that exemplify the trend of the quantified self, or health tracking, like the Jawbone Up and the Withings blood pressure monitor. We’ve placed them in the Urbio modular storage unit, shown below, and you can take your own little Urbio pot home if you leave an idea about the home of the future behind.


Come visit us at 101 West 15th Street, Tuesday to Saturday until August 16th. The exhibit is open from 12pm to 7pm. Click through the photos below to see more of what the exhibit has in store!

RSVP below to visit the free Future of Home Living exhibit!


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