Spoil-Free Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottles Without Removing The Cork [Video]

Spoil-Free Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottles Without Removing The Cork [Video]
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A new way to pour wine that can keep a bottle fresh for years.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 august 2013

Having a pregnant wife and an ample supply of wine leaves you with two options – drink twice as much, or drink what you can and hope the rest doesn’t spoil. Greg Lambert opted for the second option, putting his own twist on the situation to make sure the wine didn’t spoil.

When we say twist, we mean he invented a whole new way to open a bottle of wine – The Coravin Wine Access System. A futuristic tool that can open a bottle of wine without the cork having to leave the bottle. It funnels wine through a thin needle inserted into the cork instead.


The trick that stops the wine from spoiling is the inert gas argon. The opener comes with a pressurized canister of the gas, which is injected into the bottle and forces the wine through the needle when the it’s tipped over. When right-side up, the bottle is filled with argon, preventing the wine from oxidizing.

Here’s a quick look at the device in action:

Coravin Wine Access System

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