Dim And Brighten The Lights With A Wave Of The Hand [Pics]

Dim And Brighten The Lights With A Wave Of The Hand [Pics]
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The Area lamp by Dreipuls can be controlled with hand gestures.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 august 2013

With the Area lamp by German company Dreipuls, home owners can do away with the usual on-and-off switches or knobs to adjust the light levels to their preferences.

The Area lamp can be controlled with simple hand gestures and without the need for direct contact. Since the lamp is fitted with sensors, a simple hand movement can activate or deactivate the width or parts of the lamp that are to be turned on.


A position of the hand can determine which LEDs to illuminate, making the lamp energy efficient since not all of the LEDs need to be on at the same time. The sensors follow movement, so waving one’s hand along the LED lights can create a wave of lights turning on and off.

The Area lamp was originally designed to be a modular under-cabinet lamp, but it is flexible enough to be used in other areas.


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+Home & Garden

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