Monopoly Redesigned For The Google Generation

Monopoly Redesigned For The Google Generation

Designer James Belkevitz created a board game based on the tech company's history.

Kyana Gordon
  • 2 august 2013

Reinventing board games to reflect modern society’s use of social networks and web properties has become increasingly more common. Take for instance, the Facebook board game that encouraged players to meet up and play in real life instead of going on Facebook constantly. Google Monopoly by UK based designer, James Belkevitz is another design project that reflects the Internet age. In exchange for buying expensive property on ritzy New York streets, players vie to acquire multi-billion dollar companies like YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.


Not merely just a concept, Belkevitz made a physical board game to accompany his designs. The Monopoly money features the faces of Google’s founders and each card provides facts about the search engine giant. Instead of ‘Going to Jail,’ avoid lawyer fees or a court case with the aim of landing on ‘Tax Avoidance Scheme.’ Belkevitz tells Creativebloq how he came up with the idea for Google Monopoly:

I came up with the idea when a close friend who had an internet-based business had to shut up shop when one of the Google updates changed the way the algorithm worked. Over night, years of work on SEO had gone to waste, meaning he was no longer placed highly on Google for keyword searches.

See more photos of the Google-inspired board game below.

James Belkevitz


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