TV’s New Role In Our Living Rooms [Infographic]

TV’s New Role In Our Living Rooms [Infographic]

What the future holds for smart TVs and other forms of curated content at home.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 august 2013

Guide is a platform that lets you watch blogs in the same way you would a TV channel – and they’ve got some big ideas about the future of television.

They envision a world without channel surfing, clunky cables or remote controls, where any and all content is not only accessible at any moment, but curated for you the minute you sit down to watch.

Working together with Beutler Ink and Mark Kulakoff/, the company was able to put together an infographic that predicts how the world of TV will change across software, hardware, advertising and more.

Some of the trends include the fact that Smart TVs will account for more than 50% of the market by 2015, but currently, 40% of people who own them aren’t using them to their full potential, indicating a need for more user-friendly hardware. There’s also the fact that your TV is unlikely to replace your smartphone any time soon.

To explore these trends in more detail, take a look at the infographic below:



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