Hammock Tent Protects Sleepers From Rain And Insects

Hammock Tent Protects Sleepers From Rain And Insects
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The Nubé shelter is a comfortable nook to relax, and store gear for a more pleasant outdoor living experience.

Laura Chase
  • 20 august 2013

If Robinson Crusoe had discovered the Nubé Hammock Shelter his 28 years on the island would have been a paradisiacal retreat. The product’s new hammock-sleeping bag hybrid turns camping into a completely new experience.

The Nubé, which means “cloud” in Spanish, is the brainchild of Richard G. Rhett Jr. who founded Sierra Madre Research, a company that manufactures high-quality camping gear. The company’s ethical and sustainable mandate sees a portion of their profits being donated to drilling clean water wells in impoverished areas of Nicaragua.

hammock 3

The Nubé is compatible with any camping hammock creating a solid platform that sheds water and resists wind by creating a tight enclosed seal that also keeps insects out. Once it’s suspended, anyone can enter or exit the Nube using the zipper on the side.

hammock 12

Founder Richard Rhett explains:

The bottom of the hammock tent is mainly comprised of a mesh Insect Shield, which keeps bugs out while allowing a cooling breeze to flow through. In the center of the Insect Shield is a Gear Storage Area, which sags a little lower to the ground and is made of a slightly thicker nylon than the top. This part of the Nube is attached to the hammock’s suspension lines, keeping any gear safely elevated off the ground but easily accessible. It can also be converted into a layer of insulation on colder nights by packing it with clothes and raising it right underneath the hammock.

There are currently 10 prototypes working and Sierra Madre Research is using Kickstarter pledges to buy the needed materials for the Nubé and cover the first phase of manufacturing costs. You can back them here.

nube 12

Check out the video below for more info:

Nubé Hammock Shelter

Images from Sierra Madre Research


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