Hanging Lights Switch On At The Sound Of Certain Frequencies [Video]

Hanging Lights Switch On At The Sound Of Certain Frequencies [Video]

Sensor-controlled lamps that create different visual performances based on what song is played.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 august 2013

Hi-fi company SONOS have paired up with New York-based studio SOFTlab to create an interactive installation that uses 600 fluorescent lights capable of reacting to sound.

The lights reactions are programmed using SONOS PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and SUB speakers.

Comprised of four different rooms – the ‘light house’ – sits in the middle of a studio, and each of the rooms is filed with speakers and fluorescent light tubes that react to music and its different frequencies.


Open from July 25th until August 25th, visitors are able to choose their own songs using a SONOS controller. Once chosen, they just have to sit back and watch as each range of frequencies a unique visual performance in the lights.

See how the lights react for yourself in this video from Designboom:


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