Unconventional Maps Draw Attention To Neighborhoods’ Hidden Boundaries [Pics]

Unconventional Maps Draw Attention To Neighborhoods’ Hidden Boundaries [Pics]

Guerilla cartographer Darin Jensen creates maps that show the different demarcations we can't see with the naked eye.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 august 2013

Darin Jensen is a name that comes up a lot when discussing the topic guerrilla cartography. The UC Berkeley department cartographer and lecturer is known for his projects involving the creation of unconventional maps that bring focus to specific aspects or social issues in an area.

For Jensen, guerilla cartography involves making maps that show a different side to places and inspire change in people.

One of his projects, Mission Possible, involved the creation of maps of the Mission district in San Francisco. The project came out with 22 maps by cartography students from a class Jensen taught at Berkeley.


The Mission maps featured the ‘hidden’ worlds within the neighborhood. One of the maps, for example, shows the bakeries that lie in two different gang territories. Another map featured contamination sites of underground storage tanks.

Jensen’s most recent project, Food: An Atlas, is a collection of maps that focus on food and geography. The project had a successful Kickstarter campaign and the book was published early this year.

View a few photos from the Mission Possible project below.

Mission Possible

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