Pedestrians Hitchhike For Rides On Passing Bicycles

Pedestrians Hitchhike For Rides On Passing Bicycles
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In Holland, public areas for bicycle riders to pick up passengers were created in the city of Utrecht.

Kyana Gordon
  • 29 august 2013

A collaboration between the Dutch Cyclists’ Union and artist Mapije de Wit created hitchhiking outposts for cyclists in the city of Utrecht. Though illegal, signs were attached to street poles in six designated areas near the city’s central station, and pedestrians interested in hitching a ride stood beside the signs while raising a thumb. Passing cyclists would then offer them a lift to another area in the city.


The initiative encouraged Dutch cyclists to be more social by offering strangers rides. It proved successful as many cyclists volunteered to pedal. City officials liked the project but removed the signs since installing signs in public spaces is illegal. A great idea to connect city dwellers, but probably not in terms of safety.


Dutch Cyclists’ Union

Mapije de Wit

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