Hydrating Beer Promises To Leave Drinkers Hangover-Free

Hydrating Beer Promises To Leave Drinkers Hangover-Free

An alcoholic beverage that could even be drunk after strenuous exercise with positive health benefits.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 august 2013

Curing a hangover can be a difficult proposition, but instead of drinking a gallon of water before bed, or mixing up a magic cocktail the next day, you could soon prevent a hangover just by drinking a special type of beer.

News-Medical reports that a group of Australian scientists at the Griffith Health Institute have created a beer that doesn’t dehydrate you, and still tastes like a beer should.

A surprisingly simple idea, the team added electrolytes to the beer, making it more like a sports drinks normally consumed to aid recovery after strenuous exercise.


To test this idea, the team asked volunteers to drink one of four beers after strenuous exercise – there were two full-strength brews and two of the lighter variety, one of each with electrolytes added. While it might not seem like the smartest thing to do after exercising, the electrolyte beer easily outperformed the others in terms of hydration

Even though the beers tasted similar to a normal dehydrating beer, there was one trade-off – less alcohol.

Whether or not a slightly less intense buzz is worth ridding yourself of a hangover, is up to you. But for now, the team have created a beer that actually helps with a hangover, as opposed to causes it. How well it would perform commercially is another issue, but there could be huge potential for a beer like this.



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