Inflatable Furniture Blows Up Like A Bike Tire [Pics]

Inflatable Furniture Blows Up Like A Bike Tire [Pics]
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Product designer Philipp Beisheim’s side table and stool can be inflated by the user with a hand pump.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 august 2013

Germany-based product designer Philipp Beisheim‘s inflatable furniture series can be blown up by users with a hand pump. The side table has an inflatable base and a wooden top, while the stool has a blow-up seat with wooden legs.

Inflatable Furniture Is Blown Up Like A Bike Wheel [Pics]

The furniture is made from a highly durable neoprene polyester fabric called “Hypalon”. Inflatable technology is an effective approach in enabling the user to interact with the objects in a different way. Beisheim writes:

The series of inflatable furniture emerged as a need against the consumer society and a dialogue that is based on new means of expression… They provide longevity as a reaction to consumption placing it into a contemporary context by giving long term satisfaction. Inflatable furniture which appeared in the 1960’s provoked so many diverse reactions from different groups of people, but it also surprised with elements of beauty inspired by pure need.

Click through to see images of the inflatable side table and stool:

Philipp Beisheim

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