Forward-leaning projects that are helping us rethink the body’s physical relationship with digital technology.

As part of our ongoing Future of Entertainment series, we’re digging through the archives of Intel and Vice’s Creators Project to uncover real world examples of our entertainment trends in action. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be shining the spotlight on cool projects from artists who are helping to define what the next generation of entertainment experiences will look like.

Morning comes and your alarm clock starts blaring. Forcing your eyes wide open, you give it a wink and it instantly switches to snooze. It’ll turn off fully when it senses that you’ve left bed. Looking at the ceiling, you focus on the lights and they slowly change in intensity until they reach the perfect ambiance to start your day. A sideways glance at the computer boots it up and displays a selection of morning programming you swipe through using hand gestures from across the room. Sound like science fiction?

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