Big Data’s 'FaceHawk' pulls data from a user's page to create a unique music video, reminding them how much data they reveal online.

New York band Big Data‘s ‘FaceHawk‘ is an interactive music video that pulls data from a Facebook page to create a unique video for each user. Photos and statuses posted to Facebook are used as the materials, and the project aims to remind users how much data they reveal online.

The band teamed up with Boulder-based creative Rajeev Basu on this project for their new track Dangerous. After connecting to Facebook, it hijacks your page, blows it up and turns it into a hawk.

The hawk is created in real-time, live in the browser. It is formed using photos and status updates posted since the start of your digital life, which you can see floating past and moving into place to create the bird. Users' personal facehawk acts as a reminder of just how much information they reveal. You can check out the digital project in the video below:

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