Offline Camps Treat Internet Addictions Amongst Youths

Offline Camps Treat Internet Addictions Amongst Youths

Japan is looking into immersion programs designed to keep kids off the web.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 august 2013

Japan’s Ministry of Education is worried about the rising number of teenagers who are believed to be addicted to the internet. Reports indicate that over 500,000 Japanese children between the ages of 12 and 18 are addicted to the net, but there could be more since not all of these cases are known.

It’s a growing concern and officials are looking into creating ‘immersion programs’ that are designed to keep kids off their computers and gadgets. The ministry plans to conduct comprehensive research into the issue in the next fiscal year and is requesting that the government provide funds for the immersion programs.

These programs will be conducted outdoors and will be facilitated by education experts. The kids will be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities, games and team sports. Of course, they will have no access to the internet. The idea is to get the children into a real-world interaction with other people.

The programs will also be attended by clinical psychotherapists and psychiatrists who will provide counseling sessions to the participants to help them when they go back to the ‘real world.’

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