iPad Drink Ordering System Turns Bars Into Social Networks

iPad Drink Ordering System Turns Bars Into Social Networks

Logbar in Tokyo gives every customer an iPad for designing their own drinks and receiving auto-recommendations.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 august 2013

An “iPad Social Bar” in Tokyo uses a digital system that enables customers to design their own drinks, “like” other people’s orders and receive auto-recommendations. Logbar was founded by Japanese programmers Takuro Yoshida and Takayuki Yamazaki.

iPad System Turns The Bar Into A Social Network

Each customer receives an iPad when they visit and once they’ve signed in, they will be able to use it to place their drinks orders. They can also interact with other customers using the system and check out what they’ve ordered.

By registering information such as their favorite drinks, foods, hobbies, etc., their prefered order will be rememered and they’ll be able to see suggested drinks they might like to try. It is hoped that the iPad system helps customers socially connect and increases communication in the bar. You can check out Logbar in the video below:


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