Joe Gebbia, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of of Airbnb, discusses the importance of P2P business.

As part of our Future of Home Living Series, PSFK Labs reached out to experts to get their take on the changes we’ve identified that are driving the evolution of the home. We recently caught up with Joe Gebbia, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of of Airbnb. Read our chat with Joe below to hear more about how P2P communities are becoming more prevalent.

How has the rise of peer to peer sharing services changed the way we live?

Sharing economy services are accommodating a shift that’s already been happening in society. I think what we see is this shift toward ‘access being more powerful than ownership’. We notice that shift everyday with people sharing their homes. People are discovering a lifestyle where the things in their life, like their home or extra bedroom, can bring significant income. One of our hosts in L.A. is an entrepreneur who was able to fund her startup and hire her first employee through Airbnb. The service changed the way she lives, and now, what she gets to work on.

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