Lego-Like Blocks Slide Together To Create Furniture [Pics]

Lego-Like Blocks Slide Together To Create Furniture [Pics]
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BlockWorks is a modular furniture system consisting of units with slots and cartridges that can join multiple pieces together.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 august 2013

BlockWorks is a modular system consisting of connector cartridges and blocks that pull apart and snap together to create different types of furniture. Like a Lego system for adults, BlockWorks was designed with apartments or small spaces in mind.

The multi-function furniture blocks are strong, yet quickly removable. The innovative patent-pending joint system enables users to easily change their furniture from one usage to another.

Lego-Like Blocks Slide Together To Create Furniture [Pics]

The various types of furniture that can be created include coffee tables, shelving, storage, desks, sofas, beds, side tables and chairs. Each furniture unit has a series of slots that allows a cartridge to join multiple pieces together in different ways.

The furniture blocks can be stacked, flipped and connected in an endless variety of ways for countless options. They can also be compactly stored away when not in use, making them useful for shipping and transportation. Click through to see pictures of the adaptable furniture in various configurations:


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