Jewelry Holds Live Animals To Protest Fur Industry

Jewelry Holds Live Animals To Protest Fur Industry

Artist avoids blood and gore in her attempt to denounce the animal cruelty.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 august 2013

Student and designer Cecilia Valentine didn’t want to take the same route as many other fur protesters – displaying graphic images and trying to shock people into rejecting fur. Instead, she’s created 3D-printed jewelry that comes with a living animal to show that they’re much better suited to being alive.

Called “Fur is Alive,” the collection of living accessories features animals such as mice and birds, kept safe in their own wearable cages.


The hamster cage necklace for example is a thick net-like tube that circles the neck, in which the animal is free to roam around, showing that it’s happier in the living world, rather than contributing to a piece of fur fashion in the afterlife. The necklace itself was designed using Rhino, and 3D printed in bronze on a laser melting printer.

While not intended to become an actual range of accessories, the pieces serve to communicate a powerful message that catches people attention using a different tactic than shock and awe.

Cecilia Valentine

+Environmental / Green
+fashion / apparel

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