3D Animal Portraits Drawn With Water

3D Animal Portraits Drawn With Water
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Artist develops a novel technique that captures the motion and energy of water that transforms into living creatures.

Laura Chase
  • 21 august 2013

Since ancient times water has been considered one of the fundamental building blocks of the Universe. Water is vital and powerful and it is precisely the pleasure this element creates that has been the inspiration for Moses Hacmon, an Israeli artist based in Los Angeles, who has been studying water for ten years to develop a new photography technique that captures the movement of water directly, instead of merely documenting light bouncing off of it. The series Faces Of Water intends to change the way people view and use water. Hacmon reveals the element’s unique optical properties transcending the medium of film to display the intricate beauty of this element.


In these photographs, water flows in 3D as it does naturally, but the process becomes something much more rich and complex than expected. Faces of Water reflects the magic of nature and a keen eye can see how the element has formed organic shapes that emulate, almost paranormally, sea creatures and organic shapes.

One of the most brilliant aspects of Hacmons’s work comes, not only from his knowledge of perception and sensory experience, but also from his use of materials and special effects where light and water become equally important. Hacmon describes the soul behind his oeuvre on his website:

I hope with Faces of Water to deepen our connection to our source of life, both spiritually and physically. I believe that visual information is capable of advancing the way we think and how we understand our environment. Seeing is believing, and this is the first time we truly see water in its pure form.

hacmon 3

The artist is funding the creation of 18 large framed prints that will launch his exhibit here.

Faces Of Water

Images by Moses Hacmon

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