Chess Set Uses Buildings From The London Skyline As Game Pieces [Pics]

Chess Set Uses Buildings From The London Skyline As Game Pieces [Pics]

The 3D-printed pieces are based on the city's familiar structures.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 august 2013

Imagine playing a game of chess with pieces that resemble familiar buildings and structures in your city’s skyline.

That’s the idea of Skyline Chess, a chess set that combines one’s love for architecture and the strategy game.

Skyline Chess uses 3D-printed game pieces that are based on London landmarks and buildings. The pieces include the traditional London terraced house as a pawn, the Gherkin building as a bishop, the London Eye as a knight, Big Ben as a rook, Renzo Piano’s Shard of Glass as a queen, and the Canary Wharf as the king.


The creators of Skyline Chess want to bring their prototype chess board to market and eventually expand to create pieces based on other cities like Paris, New York, Dubai and Shanghai.

Skyline Chess is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The creators already have designs for Paris and New York, but want to develop more. They are also looking at creating sets in metal or glass, depending on the success of the project.

Scroll through more photos of the project below.


Skyline Chess

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