PSFK Labs looks at how new technologies are allowing a wide range of products to be created at home and offering greater autonomy.

According to the Cassandra Report from winter/spring 2013, 41% of tween girls would rather make something themselves than buy it. In the same report, 59% of tweens want a customized product. Though the report concentrates solely on Generation Z – or, individuals currently under the age of 16 – it clearly points to how the coming generation will approach the physical objects, digital and otherwise, that surround them. “I don’t think in the next five years we’ll see everybody have a 3D printer at home like they have a computer at home,” says Michael Weinberg at Public Knowledge. “There are a lot of barriers, but I think we will see a situation where many people have reasonably easy access to a 3D printer, whether that is one around the corner or virtually around the corner.”

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