McDonald’s Monochrome Burgers Put A New Twist On Fast Food Design [Pics]

McDonald’s Monochrome Burgers Put A New Twist On Fast Food Design [Pics]

Squid ink used to create this unique new offering in Hong Kong

Ross Brooks
  • 20 august 2013

For anyone who thought the fast food chain was lacking artistic vision, you may want to take a look at McDonald’s Hong Kong and their latest effort to spice things up. For a limited time only, customers can get their hands on the “Black and White Burgers.”

The Black Burger features a bun fashioned from black squid ink with white sesame seeds, two beef patties, mashed potatoes, lettuce, bacon and truffle sauce – likely to be made from truffle oil, a synthetic product.

The White Burger is more or less the same, consisting of a white bun topped with sesame seeds with a crispy chicken patty, mashed potatoes, lettuce, bacon and pepper mushroom sauce. While not as adventurous, it complements the Black Burger nicely.


Even though it’s an original idea, it was tested in Mainland China first, being sold as a set of two mini-burgers. Hong Kong’s versions on the other hand, are full-sized, can be bought separately and feature a layer of mashed potatoes in both burgers.

You can even get your hands on Black and White Caramel Sundaes and Black and White Bubble Tea containing black and white tapioca balls to make sure your meal is matching.

Expect to pay $17.60 HK ($2.27 US) for either one of the burgers if you’re visiting Hong Kong in the near future.

Click through to see more images of the burgers below.

McDonald’s Hong Kong


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