McDonald’s Debuts Gourmet Burgers With Luxury Packaging

McDonald’s Debuts Gourmet Burgers With Luxury Packaging

McDonald's rolls out its 'Quarter Pounder Jewelry' burgers in Japan with glossy high-end wrapping.

Kyana Gordon
  • 5 august 2013

McDonald’s is trying all sorts of tactics to elevate its brand image. Last week, we saw the fast food giant release a series of ads in France with no branding, and in Japan earlier this month, they released a trio of luxury burgers. Called the ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series,’ each burger fetched about US$10 (sans fries or beverage) and came topped with a range of high-quality ingredients. For three weeks in July, each burger had its own limited-debut – on July 6, the ‘Gold Ring’ burger was introduced and came with thickly sliced pineapple, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and barbecue sauce. The next Saturday, the ‘Black Diamond’ had black truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms onions and cheese, and lastly the ‘Ruby Spark’ included chorizo, avocado, and Pepper Jack cheese.


Accompanying the release of its luxury burgers, McDonald’s decided to discard its typical brown paper bags in favor of white minimal packaging. Premium burgers need quality bags and boxes. Japanese website, Rocket24News noticed how many commenters couldn’t get over the fact that it appeared as if the packaging made up most of the burgers’ cost. The glossy bag with gold embossing and a ribbon would  be typical of bag a shopper would receive at a high-end boutique, and each burger box was made from a glossy heavy paper folded into a jewelry box shape with a golden paper sleeve. Your thoughts? Browse the gallery below to see if you’d be wooed by McDonald’s attempt at decadence.


McDonald’s Japan

Photo Credit: Rocket24News

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