McDonald’s NFC Tables Keep Kids Entertained [Video]

McDonald’s NFC Tables Keep Kids Entertained [Video]

The fast food chain is piloting the Happy Table, which lets children hold their phones over the table to play a mobile game.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 august 2013

McDonald’s has launched the Happy Table, an NFC-enabled table that aims to drive mobile engagement inside the restaurant. Kids can hold their phones over the table to play a game on the surface, keeping them occupied and entertained during their visit.

You can pair a mobile phone with the table by simply tapping it. One of the games on offer requires you to move the phone along the surface to make a car and road appear on the screen.

McDonald’s NFC-Equipped Tables Keep Kids Entertained [Video]

The NFC technology makes the next section of road appear and players need to follow it to stay on and win the game. If people score a good time, they could be in with a chance of winning an apple pie.

There are also other games, such as fighting bad guys to help Ronald McDonald, whacking moles or sinking battleships. The Happy Table is currently only available in Yishun, Singapore but McDonald’s plans to launch it throughout Asia. You can check out the table in the video below:


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