Metal Printer Creates 3D Wire Sculptures [Video]

Metal Printer Creates 3D Wire Sculptures [Video]

The D.I. Wire Bender creates 2D and 3D shapes using simple metal wire.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 august 2013

Developed by product design consultancy Pensa, the D.I. Wire Bender is a 3D printer that creates 2D and 3D objects using metal wire.

The typical rapid prototype machine or 3D printer creates layers upon layers of material to produce an object. The D.I. Wire Bender is a 3D printer that bends and curves simple metal wire into shapes.

The wire is introduced into the machine from a spool. It passes through wheels that straighten it out and then goes through a bending head that moves in three dimensions to create the bends and curves required to produce the intended shape. The machine takes instructions from vector files and text files of commands to create the shapes.



Watch the video below to see how the D.I. Wire Bender works.

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