MINI Interactive Car Streams Video On Its Exterior

MINI Interactive Car Streams Video On Its Exterior

As part of its ‘Not Normal’ campaign, MINI took art to the streets with a car playing video while it drives.

Kyana Gordon
  • 12 august 2013

“Ready, set, go!” is the type of energy MINI has unleashed on the streets of London with their illuminating ‘MINI Art Beat’.

As part of the NOT NORMAL brand campaign, from August 5th through 19th a customized MINI Countryman with over with 48,000 hi-res LEDs (the first of its kind) will drive around London. Fans are given the opportunity to stream a live animation (starring them) directly onto the MINI as it takes its night drives, so street passersby and the entire Web are the audience. It’s pretty simple –  stream a short video through MINI’s Facebook app or tweet a Vine clip with the hashtag #MINIartbeat.


Fans may also add their own designs music and watch as it cruises down London’s streets with their videos playing on the surface of this one-off, dynamic automobile, receiving a custom clip to keep. Are LED-lit automobiles the moving advertising spaces of the future?

MINI Art Beat’


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