Minimalist Shelf Uses Books As Pillars [Pics]

Minimalist Shelf Uses Books As Pillars [Pics]
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Designer Chan Hwee Chong’s 'Minimal Bookshelf' has gaps at both ends for books to be slotted in.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 august 2013

Designer Chan Hwee Chong’s ‘Minimal Bookshelf‘ is a simple and stylish storage solution for your books. The bookshelf, which is available in twenty different color combinations, has pre-cut grooves at both ends.

Minimalist Shelf Uses Its Own Books As Pillars And Bookends [Pics]

When you slot in two books of equal height, they act as bookends for the shelf. If your collection is too large to fit on one shelf, a second or third can be added, with the bookends doubling as pillars to support the shelves stacked on top. The shelf will be available for purchase soon.

Click through to see images of the Minimal Bookshelf:

Minimal Bookshelf

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