Mirrored Glasses Allow TV-Watching Without Sitting Up

Mirrored Glasses Allow TV-Watching Without Sitting Up

The Lazyglasses use prisms that allow the wearer to comfortably read or view something while lying down.

Kristen Nozell
  • 15 august 2013

Finally, an invention that will allow lazy people everywhere to read a book or watch TV without having to hold up their head. The Lazyglasses from ThinkGeek, an American online retailer targeted at technology enthusiasts, utilizes mirrored prisms adhered to the lenses to bend the wearer’s vision 90 degrees. Designed to fit over regular glasses and crafted from a soft-touch plastic, the glasses enable comfortable horizontal viewing without distortion.

The Lazyglasses might find a niche market with people who simply don’t want to sit up, but more significantly, they could drastically improve the quality of living for people with limited mobility. They are currently available at ThinkGeek for $15.99.

ThinkGeek – Lazyglasses

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