Mock Twitter Redesign Makes Information More Easily Accessible

Mock Twitter Redesign Makes Information More Easily Accessible

Social media gets a makeover that would make it easier to relate to other people.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 august 2013

There’s no denying that Twitter is a great way to get the latest updates in bite-size form throughout the day, but if you’re interested in delving deeper into a particular person’s profile, it can be a minefield.

Fred Nerby is one designer who wanted to try his hand at creating a conceptual version of Twitter that would allow people to explore each other’s profiles more easily. His aim was to create a treasure trove of content to be explored, highlighting everything from a user’s popular conversations to their latest videos and best tweets.

Nerby’s interpretations use a flat design and makes a lot more use of images. Extra white space and larger fonts also make information stand out a lot more easily.


Apart from how it looks statically, the way users view conversations also got a makeover. In addition to a user’s recent tweets, a separate box would highlight their popular or recent chats. Making it easier to see what was popular, what the person has been engaging in more often – as well as making it easier to retweet and favorite them.

There’s a video that explores the design further for those who think Twitter could use a revamp:

Fred Nerby


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