Fake Mountaintop Villa Built On A Beijing Building [Pics]

Fake Mountaintop Villa Built On A Beijing Building [Pics]
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Chinese doctor ignores building regulations to create this urban retreat.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 august 2013

A successful doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and the owner of a chain of acupuncture clinics has spent the past six years building himself a villa – the only problem is that it’s illegal, and sits at the top of a 26-story building in the heart of Beijing.

The sprawling synthetic landscape is essentially a private mountain peak embedded with a luxury villa, winding walkways, and garden trellises, adding an extra two stories to the existing tower block.


Zhang Biqing’s impressive rooftop villa is a perfect example the disregard for authority that is rife in contemporary Chinese building culture. After years of complaints by neighbors, authorities have only recently marked the 1000 square meter mansion for demolition.

As a result, the former member of the district’s political advisory board has 15 days to demolish the property that cost more than $24 million to build – unless Zhang can provide undeniable proof that it is safe and structurally sound.

Images via ImagineChina

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