Building Better Services On-Demand [Future Of Home Living]

Building Better Services On-Demand [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK Labs examines emerging technologies, products and services that are helping residents better connect with their surroundings.

  • 18 august 2013

Over the past few weeks, our Future of Home Living report has examined a new range of products that are empowering consumers to improve the comfort and quality of their homes. Our second theme is one we are calling On-Demand, which describes networks and systems which are growing to help city residents enjoy their lives on their terms and at the speed they want. Within this theme, four trends drive a highly connected home ecosystem able to provide on-demand access to a variety home services

Check out the recap below for an overview of our On-Demand theme.


How To Discover Something New Every Day

Interview With Steve Clayton


How To Build A Better Community

Interview With Joe Gebbia


Why We Are Now Making Everything Ourselves

Interview With Carine Carmy


Providing Universally Connected Home Entertainment

Interview With Mike Milley

PSFK has announced the latest in a series of trend reports. Following studies into retailsocial mediagamingwork and mobile, the PSFK Labs consulting team have generated the Future of Home Living report. That report manifests as a free summary presentation, an in-depth downloadable PDF and an exhibition in New York City that runs to August 16.

RSVP below to take a tour of the exhibition at 101W15th.


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