1-Hour Delivery Service Brings Groceries To Any Location

1-Hour Delivery Service Brings Groceries To Any Location

Time starved professionals can now get their shopping delivered same-day.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 august 2013

For some people, even stopping at the store on the way home from work takes too much time, which is exactly why Pocket Shop is offering to do your shopping for you.

It’s not the first of it’s kind to offer this type of service but it is one of the first to cover London – meaning that the chronically overworked don’t have to rely on instant noodles every night of the week.

The company’s delivery service is powered by a local network of pedestrian pickers who do the carrying on foot in an attempt to avoid traffic, cut carbon emissions, and avoid incurring high costs for the business.

So far, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are on offer as shopping options, with M&S and Waitrose pegged for future release. Depending on where you live in the city, it could mean that not all options are available to you, but this is likely to improve over time.


Depending on how hungry you are, or how bare your pantry is, there are three delivery options – £6.50 for one-hour, £5.50 for two-hour, and £5.10 for the cheapest three-hour service.

On top of a minimum £20 order, and slightly marked up supermarket prices, the service is clearly aimed at those in search of convenience with money to spare – the kind of professional rife in the UK’s capital.

There are plans to incorporate free delivery over certain price thresholds, as well as allowing supermarket offers to be taken advantage of, but it’s still early days for the company – with plenty of room for experimentation.

Pocket Shop, which was founded last November using £300,000 of funding money from London’s Forward Labs startup foundry, and has so far trialled the service in North London, delivering 3,500 items in the process.

So, if you’ve run out of food, and time, maybe you need to take a look at this particular service.


Pocket Shop

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