Online Learning And Teaching Platform For DIY How-Tos

Online Learning And Teaching Platform For DIY How-Tos

New web experience can teach you almost anything.

Lara Piras
  • 30 august 2013

New in the newly infinite category of online learning video platforms, Curious offers brief how tos for DIY projects. Visitors can find or become a student in baking, photography, crafts and a whole lot more.

The videos tend to range from five to fifteen minutes, with clear learning chapters designated, as well as handouts. The site is also easy to navigate and has a ‘trending lessons’ section highlighting the most popular videos and offering inspiration on what to learn about next.

Consumers’ attitudes are evolving with a continuous eagerness to learn and know about as many topics as possible no matter what age or competency. Technological advances and the increase in speed of video production and quality of sites offering similar expertise (Skillshare, Lynda, Youtube) is allowing us to do this.

So what makes Curious stand out from the rest? Justin Kitch explains ‘it’s more targeted, navigable and interactive than YouTube. And, what’s more, to differentiate from the Skillshares and Courseras of the world by serving those practical, how-to lessons in a short, bite-sized format that makes it easier to engage with and consume.’

Visit Curious to learn something new today.


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