Open-Source Furniture Collection Can Be Downloaded For Free

Open-Source Furniture Collection Can Be Downloaded For Free

OpenDesk has a number of designs available as digital files, sawn pieces, flatpacked, or assembled.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 august 2013

OpenDesk is a collection of open-source furniture designed to be cut by a CNC machine. Customers can get involved at different stages in the making process.

They can download the digital files for free and make it from scratch if they have access to materials and a CNC machine. They can buy OpenDesks in “Sawn” form and finish them off, buy them in “Flatpack” IKEA-style and assemble them, or simply purchase them already assembled.

Open-Source Furniture Collection Can Be Downloaded For Free

OpenDesk offers a network of local professional makers that can make the furniture for a fee. They use a CNC machine to produce raw sawn pieces of wood and finish them by hand, which involves oiling, sanding, polishing and small parts. The finished pieces can then be assembled by hand on location.

OpenDesk is a collaboration between furniture designers Joni & David Steiner and Development 00, the team behind digital fabrication platform FabHub. Their aim is to explore new models for open and collaborative design of digitally fabricated furniture that can be made locally.

By downloading, printing, purchasing or customising an OpenDesk, you’re helping to create a new way of buying products. One that’s more transparent, sustainable and flexible than current manufacturing models.


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