Origami Paper Puppies Take Kids Offline [Pics]

Origami Paper Puppies Take Kids Offline [Pics]
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One way to keep kids amused without a computer screen.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 august 2013

Seeing as it’s hard to find a game for children that doesn’t involve a computer screen, Daniel Stark decided to design his own.

Paper Pups is a game that makes use of good old-fashioned paper to amuse young minds. Each book contains 20 unique dog designs which are pre-cut, scored, and perforated making it easy to punch them out of the page and start building. You could consider it a child-friendly version of origami.

What’s even better is that you don’t need any tape, tools, or glue to use the book, meaning there’s no cleanup associated with letting your kids be creative.


Some of the furry friends you can create include Stubby the hot-doggingest Dachshund, Ginger the pugnacious Pug, and Baxter the yippy Chihuahua.

While it may not take the fancy of most adults, there’s no denying its accessible fun – Paper Pups even claims it would make a great game for anyone from the age of 7 to 101.

Paper Pups


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